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At TerraLogos Energy Group, we transform the environments where our customers live, work and play. The systems in a home or building work as a whole, each part affecting the performance of the others. How well they work together affects your comfort, health and energy use.

Energy improvement contracting integrates these systems to deliver optimum performance. Our energy audits guide our contracting work, so you obtain the best results for the least cost, saving money immediately and for the long term.

Gaining control of your energy use is one of the first, most important steps on the path to a sustainable, clean energy future.

Latest News

Farewell Clean Currents

February 07, 2014 — Loved Our Wind Power We have been buying all of our electricity from Clean Currents using their neighborhood wind program (see our blog here). To monitor our purchase, we receive regular reports from Clean Currents verifying how our electricity was generated and how much green greenhouse gas was created as a result. Our most recent […]

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From our Blog

Nest Thermostat Review

Connor Gray | 3.4.14 | Blog
Our Analysis of a New Energy Product There’s a lot of chirping going on about a new energy gadget – Nest. Birds sit in them, of course, but now you can install one in your home to control your heating & cooling. The Nest has drawn a lot of attention since Google and Nest Labs […]

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